It’s really the little things that deserve all the love and make you fall in <3 with SiteGround… People say "Good morning" & "Have a nice evening". People here smile and ask if you need help. People here care! And I <3 them (and SiteGround) for that!

I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies in the US, UK & Australia. SiteGround is one of the most forward-thinking companies I’ve ever worked for.

If you get an opportunity to join, take it!

The first thing our new CMO taught me was to wake board in the middle of the sea. Soaking on your back in deep waters with your feet attached to a board, while your team mates cheer from the shore is the best way to start a team meeting <3

I <3 SiteGround, because it changed my life. In many, many levels. Working here makes me feel like home, every single day and I will be forever thankful for that! I <3 the people I work with, I have met amazing ones in all the different offices. They are crazy, funny amazing creatures with different souls and you can learn a hell of a lot from each and everyone 🙂

So ! <3 <3 <3

It’s hard to pick one favorite thing, I <3 the overall happy and fun atmosphere at the office, my friends that I get to share tasks with and learn new things together…it truly feels like home. 🙂

The offices are great, the additional company benefits are excellent, but there is one thing that stands out and that I love the most and that is the colleagues that I work with! They are the soul of to the company, make me smile everyday, sometimes make me angry or sad as well, but that helps you cherish and value all the good moments even more.

I would also like to mention all the supervisors that I work with on daily basic and have to put up with my crazy demands for perfection and constant nagging about small spelling mistakes – you are the ones that keep the level of the whole ccare team as high as it is, thank you!!!

There are quite a few things so I can’t just pick one… I feel at home with friends. It doesn’t always feel like work because I get to share my funny, sad, hilarious and sometimes not so pleasant moments with my friends so it’s always a good feeling to have, especially at work

I learned Kitesurfing with SiteGround, and my colleagues are rockstars :)) That’s it That’s all.

When I started working at SiteGround 10 years ago, we had 2 small offices in two cities in Bulgaria, under 100 servers on one continent, about 30k clients and 50 employees. They were all nice, smiling, friendly, innovative, dedicated to work and devoted to the idea of SiteGround. Today, SiteGround has 4 huge and beautiful offices in 2 countries, thousands of servers on 3 continents, hundreds of thousands of customers and over 450 employees all over the world. Nothing else has changed. SiteGround is not just a place where you work, SiteGround is a place to entertain, develop, achieve goals and build ideals.

People who says “that is impossible” doesn´t work at SiteGround. My colleagues are so SO amazing that make me feel proud everyday. We are not a company of succeed, we are a company of VALUE. I have so much things to say that I cannot say anything else but THANKS. Love you SiteGrounders!

I love working here because it’s never boring! From the challenging work to great coworkers, there’s always some fun during shifts.

I never thought I can feel my workplace as a home. Here I am now spending most of the time of every day at the office, because I just do not want to leave that happy place haha 😀

My awesome friends! I call them friends because they are more than a just people I work with! Great team that makes great things!

I :love the atmosphere at the office as a whole – there’s no other place where you’d spend a whole day with a group of people and then still want to go out with them afterwards 😀

I love the office environment at SiteGround that almost feels like home and all these colourful personalities I get to work with and bump into every day there! They have many interests, fun stories and hobbies to tell about; they have professional knowledge and experience to learn from; they bring the SG culture and spirit! <3

I do love the friendly and cozy atmosphere at work that develops into long-lasting friendships and positive emotions in everyday life.

Since my first day at SiteGround every day I see happy people that make me smile. Working at such place is an amazing experience. Great colleagues, great work environment, interesting challenges.

Love the people and the favt that we always do something new, something interesting. Like Star Trek, we’re pushing the boundries of what’s possible!

I love working side by side with this wonderdul team, who are not only my colleagues, but great friends! I also appreciate the great working environment and every single gesture made from our management!
Keep it up guys! B.J.

Working with people I love spending time with – in and outside of the office – and learning from.